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Ask question. Get immediate answer.

  • Talk to our professional lawyer and knowledgeable expert on date & time of your choice. Consult with an Expert Lawyer and get detailed written Legal Opinion. You may also book a Virtual Conference with an Expert Lawyer and Convey emotions.

Skip the guesswork, Get the Solution

Talk with a Lawyer: Receive a call at right time. Continue your telephonic conversation until you understand the solution. No limits on call time.

Virtual Conference: A must for corporate houses, Discussion on legal problem and finding of solution, Useful for global clients. Certaily, It carries emotions.

Legal Opinion: It is always good to have opinion from a Legal Expert, Because a wrong advice can lead to losses. Detailed opinion which deals with all the aspects of the issue.

Talk for wonderful experience.

We calmly listen to you. Then we tell you what you should do. We clear your further doubts. Cut the call only when conversation is complete.

Consultancy Fee:

  • 30 minutes Phone Call - ₹ 499/-
  • 60 minutes Phone Call - ₹ 699/-

Common problems. Uncommon wisdom.

Instant advice to any legal problem. The attorneys are equipped with all kinds of material to provide the advice. Process driven by technology. Faster. Convenient. Accurate. We always start the work with a deadline. Time does not always solve the problem. You will have to take right decision. Don’t wait.

Consultancy Fee:

  • Virtual Conference - ₹ 999/-
  • Detailed Legal Opinion - ₹ 5,000/-

How LawTalk works

    • Tell us about you and explain your legal issue in brief through "Attached Form". Make your payment online and get connected with the expert lawyer.

      Get a call from an expert lawyer and cut the call when you are satisfied. Legal help on time, works like a pill of sound sleep. It carries emotions.

LawDocs | Online Legal Services | Talk to a Lawyer | How talk to a Lawyer works?
LawDocs | Online Legal Services | Talk to a Lawyer | How talk to a Lawyer works?

Skip the guesswork.

Frequent questions, quickly answered.​

You can ask about anything related to your legal situation, such as questions about a specific process, documents or forms related to your legal matter.

Entire process of consultation is private and secure

What Kinds Of Questions Can I Ask?

It only takes 5 minutes.

If any individual or company is not satisfied with our advice then we will provide another legal expert without any additional costs.