Employee Stock Option Plan [ESOP]

Rise together.

  • Provide the strongest incentive for your best employees to stay motivated and stick around.

For boiling motivation to the employees that steam your progress. All entrepreneurs have at least one common problem: how to motivate employees in a way that’s mutually beneficial. The most practical solution to this is the employee stock options plan (ESOP), used by small and large businesses alike. It not only keeps deserving employees motivated to grow your company, rather than just fulfill their duties, it ensures that you don’t lose them for a number of years. In an ESOP, companies provide their employees with stock ownership, often at no up-front cost, but in lieu of work performed. Shares are allocated to employees, but may vest only after a pre-defined period. Steam the team.


A talented and highly motivated team.

  • Attract Top Talent

You may not be able to match their current salary, but an offer of shares in your company will be enough to attract the best talent.

  • Build Motivation

The better your business performs, the better your most talented employees will get paid. There's no better way to motivate them.

  • Keep Them Longer

The employees to whom shares have been allocated are almost certain to complete the two to three years you have defined as vesting period.



Prepare, allocate, implement.

  • Grant Notice

  • Option plan

  • Allotment and documentation

  • Options agreement

  • Business valuation


How LawDocs will help?

A few documents and a littlie details.

  • Initial legal and regulatory on drafting the ESOP scheme

  • Assisting on valuation

  • Preparing notices, Board resolutions and minutes for getting ESOP approved in Board Meeting

  • Drafting necessary resolutions and minutes for Shareholders meeting for passing the special resolution regarding ESOP

  • Filing MGT 14 with MCA

  • Advise on the ongoing compliances and filings with MCA to be done by the company as and when shares are allotted

  • Any other service required to facilitate smooth execution of aforesaid.


    Why LawDocs?

    Only option to provide all business services.

    • Stock of all business activities.

    • We design suitable plan for the employees.

    • Long experience of dealing with such matters.

    • A real plan to lower down attrition rates.


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