Secretarial Audit

Check the compliances.

  • Audit the records. Conformation with Company Law, confirmed.

A merchant banker will value your business and We will bring all your secretarial records upto date. Secretarial audits was presented by the Companies Act, 2013 to check if an organization has conformed to all corporate law, guidelines , guidelines and systems. According to the Act, secretarial audit is an unquestionable requirement for each recorded organization, open organizations having paid-up offer capital of Rs.50 crores or above and open organizations having a business turnover of Rs.250 crores or more. Don’t be late. Be up to date.


Chances of improvement through assessment.

  • An effective mechanism to make sure of compliance with the legal and procedural requirements.

  • Secretarial Audit ensures legal and procedural requirements so directors can concentrate on important business matters.

  • Provides a level of confidence to the directors & Key Managerial Personnel etc.

  • Strengthen the goodwill of a company for their regulators and stakeholders.

  • It helps the investor in analyzing the compliance level of companies, thereby increases the reputation

  • Secretarial Audit is an effective governance and compliance risk management tool.



As prescribed under the law.

  • Discuss with management regarding the scope of its work and professional fees to be rendered for the conduct of such audit

  • Once the primary objects are set, identification of scope and activities to be carried shall be listed

  • After the discussion and finalizing the PCS, the company shall issue an engagement letter consisting of terms and condition of his appointment

  • PCS shall plan ahead of the procedure for audit such as areas of laws it will cover first, date of visits for conducting an audit, approx months or days required to be taken to complete audit, etc

  • Conducting the audit and jotting down the entire observations and finding made throughout the audit

  • Once the audit is completed, PCS shall submit the final Audit report in format MR-3 duly signed and stamped by Company Secretary in Practice


Documents Required

All papers of your company.

  • Charter Documents

  • Last year Secretarial Audit Report

  • Board and General Meeting Minutes & Notices thereto

  • Audited financial statements

  • Annual Performance Reports, Lease Deed, LUT cum Bond, softex returns (if falls under SEZ)

  • Filings with other statutory departments

  • ECB Returns (if there are foreign borrowings in the company)

  • Filings & Intimations with Registrar of Companies, Stock Exchanges, Newspaper Advertisements

  • Statutory Registers

  • Sitting fees and Remuneration details paid to directors

  • Proof of spending CSR amount

  • Disclosures and Declaration for code of conduct received from the directors

  • Filings with RBI (If there is foreign investment)

  • Registers maintained under Labour Laws

  • SAST Disclosures

  • Bank account details for dividend


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