The Open Work Internships

Experience the future of legal work. Learn how LegalTech Companies are delivering legal services online. Talk to clients and understand how they behave and what they expect. 1-month duration. Rolling Applications. All virtual. Build your career with legal technology and Apps. No content writing, only memorable experiences. Learn for clients, not for examiners, so, no theory, only practicals.

Whether you’re a first-year student or a recent graduate, our internship program will upskill you to rise in your career. The free internships, with over 9 hours of modular content and live mentorship sessions will expose you to international work in a way that has never been done before.

We shall expose you to clients and real work thereby creating meaningful learning opportunities. You shall witness how we are delivering the services through legal technology and progress towards breaking down barriers to the profession.

The challenges our clients need help with are complex and borderless. To face these challenges effectively, our approach also needs to be multi-jurisdictional and inter-disciplinary. You will practise advising clients on how to protect themselves and deal with the risks responsibly.

This internship will offer you the chance to:

  • Upskill yourself by completing trainee-level tasks

  • Gain an insight into challenges facing our clients in different domains.

  • Use of LegalTech to upskill yourself and deliver the services to the clients.

Tentative Schedule & Tasks

  • 1st Saturday: Introductory Session. Type of questions and requirements of people. Delivery of legal services online. Opportunities ahead.

  • 1st Sunday: Drafting of contracts and agreements. Technology and Techniques. Exercises.

  • Weekdays: Assignment- 1, of drafting an Agreement.

  • 2nd Saturday: How LawDocs serves the clients. Examples and live experiences.Paralegal Work.

  • 2nd Sunday: How LegalKart operates. Queries that people make.

  • Weekdays: Assignment- 2, to prepare a Video Presentation of 5-7 minutes after thorough research and practice.

  • 3rd Saturday: Mobile Apps and LegalTech for work delivery.

  • 3rd Sunday: ADR and Online Mediation. Upcoming opportunities. Watch Mediation Role Plays.

  • Weekdays: Assignment- 3, Prepare and participate in Mediation Role Play or Legal Research Assignment.

  • 4th Saturday: Interaction Session. Opportunities at LawDocs and LegalKart and partners.

  • 4th Sunday: CV and profile building activities. Support by Career Progression Service.

  • Weekdays: Assignment-4, Online activities like answering queries on Quora, commenting on Blog or videos, and expressing your opinion on a legal topic.

  • Apply and receive the Certificates.

The Opportunities & Benefits

Placement opportunities at partner Law Firms and Companies. Best performers will get an extension of internship and a stipend of Rs. 5000/- from the second month onwards. Publication opportunity for videos and articles to give you exposure to clients. Discount on LegalKart Subscriptions where you can connect with clients and deliver services. Work opportunities in Mediation and ADR with Equa.Law. Preference to Work as Paralegal and place in Paralegal Directory. Discounts on Practical Trainings at wPractical Academy.

Integrated with Academics

Our Open Work Virtual Internships are open-access which means anyone can participate and have access to these programs from anywhere. As a signatory to international collaborations and partnerships and commitment toward open learning experiences, we believe that practical learning experiences should be closely integrated with the theoretical knowledge that you learn in University or College.

Therefore, we partner with the college to give you a better experience which builds the trust of the prospective employers upon you. So, apply through your college only. If your college is not in partnership with us, then ask them to mail at [email protected] or attach a recommendation letter of any of your faculty or employer along with your application. We shall not accept direct applications.

The Leading Partnerships

The Work Culture and Place

The mode that is ahead of time.

LawDocs Intranet

Work at a specially designed online workspace that increases efficiency. It carries all the details

LawDocs Intranet

The Live Mentorship Sessions

Join the Mentorship Session on the Weekend. Saturday & Sunday, 10.00 am to 11.30 am

Google Meet Sessions

Learn practically with LegalKart and provide services.

Get to see what people want and their queries. Learn with real-time problems of people. Build your career with the technology-enabled interface. Click to view the futuristic Mobile App.

Sample Certificate

Get the certificate on the 5th of every month that is honored by law firms and lawyers.

The Applications

If you are not sure about applying, then explore the websites, download Mobile Apps, see tentative calendar, and LawDocs Intranet.


The Rolling Deadlines.

  • Apply till 10th day of every month for the upcoming month.

  • The selection list out on 16th of the month. Only selected candidates will receive the information and mail.

  • Joining instruction on 27th day of the month.

  • Internship of 1 month from 1st to 30th day of following month. It may be extended for further months with stipend.

  • Internship certificates are issued on 5th day of the month to those who complete the internship.

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