Refund Policy

Refund of Money, not Time.

  • Guaranteed refunds. Pay only for the use.

Refund Policy

LawDocs intends to provide the solutions to the common man which the people can really afford. We strict to our policy of not charging anything unreasonable. In order to maintain the standards of services, we charge the amount from the customers.
The refunds shall be processed only before using the services. Money shall be refunded if you do not want to continue the subscription.

Documentation charges.

The prices are very nominal. No money shall be refunded in any case.

Subscription Fee

If you wish not to continue our documentation services. We will certainly process the refunds after charging on prorata

WPracticals Fee

You pay in advance for the Course. You can request for the refund before the Course starts. Once the Course starts, no money shall be refunded.
Once a student enrols for a course and takes all the coursework and content. The student shall not be entitled for refund of money

Business and Compliance Services Fee

We charge only half the amount in the starting. The service charges shall not be refunded once we start your work. But, the other charges relating to Govt. fees etc. shall be immediately refunded. And you won’t need to pay the remaining 50% service charges.

Force majeure

Your money shall be refunded if the course is cancelled, event is postponed or we are not able to provide you the services for unforeseeable reasons.

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