Internal Audit

Get introspection.

  • An internal assessment covering multiple points of business.

Internal audit is a capacity that, despite the fact which working freely from different divisions and includes revealing straightforwardly to audit council, capacity stays inside an association for example the organization representatives. This is basic for performing audit of both money related and non-budgetary nature inside a wide of territories of activity in a business, as which are coordinated by the yearly audit plan. Inside review sees principle dangers confronting business and what move is being made to deal with those dangers in a powerful way.


Assessment. Improvement. Reputation.

  • Helping protect assets and reduce the possibility of fraud

  • Increasing financial reliability and integrity

  • Improving efficiency in operations

  • Establishing monitoring procedures

  • Ensuring compliance with laws and statutory regulations



Tried and tested.

  • Basically mutually agreed scope, period of audit, extent of audit must be arrived with the client.

  • Based upon the scope you can split the areas where audit needs to be covered

  • Draft a checklist against each areas

  • Maintain the work papers of your observations.

  • Any queries found during the course of audit, discuss with the authorised persons and sort it out

  • If queries are material do intensive audit on that particular area.

  • Decide upon the manner of reporting

  • Deliver the audit report to the client.

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    • Consists of a top-down approach, focused on the strategic and significant risks to the organization as a whole

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    • Is dynamic with a modular design and so can used in multiple scenarios, such as where KPMG is appointed mid-cycle or to provide services under a co-sourcing arrangement

    • Incorporates an approach that is relevant, scalable and flexible so that it may be applied to any level within an entity.


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