ESI Registration

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  • Insurance to the employees, assurance to the employer.

An insurance to save you from liability. Employee State Insurance or ESI is a scheme commenced by the Government of India to offer medical, monetary and other advantages to workers. ESI is managed by an autonomous authority - Employee State Insurance Corporation – which lies under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Labour and Employment. By law, any company that has more than 10 employees mandatorily need to have ESI. In some states, the number of employees is 20. Medical support to your team, will result into support to you.


Your team, remains yours.

  • Medical aid

From the very first day of employment, registered ESI members and their families are entitled to enjoy the benefits of complete medical care and insurance.

  • Maternity aid

Pregnant women are entitled to maternity benefits that are payable upto twenty six weeks. This period can be extended by 30 days on medical advice. To qualify for maternity benefits, employers are required to contribute their wages for 70 days in the preceding two contributions periods.

  • Disablement benefits

Disabled employees can get 90% of their monthly salaries as disablement benefits.

  • Sickness benefits

Absence from work during illness can be taken for a maximum of 91 days per year along with 70% of the monthly wages.

  • Dependent benefits

In the unfortunate event of the demise of an employee during the employment, the dependents of the deceased will receive 90% of his/her monthly salary.

  • Funeral expenses

The family of the deceased employee is entitled to an additional amount of Rs.10,000 towards funeral expenses.

  • Confinement expenses

In the case of confinement of an insured woman or wife of an employee occurring in a place with no medical facilities under the ESI scheme, confinement expenses can be availed.

In addition, some of the need-based benefits:

  • Vocational rehabilitation

Permanently physically challenged, insured employees are entitled to undergo vocational rehabilitation training at VRS.

  • Physical rehabilitation

Available to employees in the case of physical disablement due to an employment injury or occupational hazards.

  • Old age medical care

An annual payment of Rs.120 ensures medical care benefits for retiring ESI employees or for those who are opting for VRS/ERS. Insured ESI members retiring on account of permanent disabilities are also entitled to the same benefits.

  • Extended sickness benefits

ESI members suffering from chronic diseases can avail the extended sickness benefit for upto 2 years, provided the sick leave of 91 days are expired. Among other conditions, the criteria for eligibility for this benefit include that the concerned ESI member should have been working for at least 2 years at the onset of the sickness and its subsequent diagnosis.

  • Enhanced sickness benefit

This benefit was introduced in 1976 as a measure to encourage ESI employees to undergo vasectomy or tubectomy for family welfare. Registered ESI members willing to undergo the sterilisation procedures are eligible for enhanced sickness benefit of 100% of their daily average wages. This benefit also allows a recuperating period of 7 days for vasectomy and 14 days for tubectomy from the date of surgery or admission in the hospital. Extension of this benefit can also be availed in case of post-operative complications



Fill up the form, verify and submit.

  • Form Filling: The ESI registration form is filled by you completely and the necessary documents are submitted.

  • Verification: Every detail you provide is cross-checked to ensure there are no errors or omissions made. This may take a maximum of 12 days.

  • Submission: The ESI application along with other legal paperwork is submitted by us which requires 2 working days.


Documents Required

The business and financial details.

  • The registration certificate or license issued by:

  • Shops and establishment Acts

  • Factories Act

  • Address proof

  • Rent receipt of the occupied premises, mentioning its capacity

  • Copy of PAN card

  • Copy of bank statement

  • Photocopy of the last building tax/property tax receipt

  • Memorandum and Articles of Association or Partnership Deed or Trust Deed - dependent on the applying entity

  • Photocopy of registration

  • Certificate of commencement of production

  • Registration No. of CST/ST/GST


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