One Person Company

Get a business face.

  • Incorporate an entity to Law, an identity to business & limit liability.

It was launched as a good refinement over the sole proprietorship. In OPC, a single promoter gains full authority over the company thereby restricting his/her liability towards their contributions to the enterprise. Therefore, the said person will be the sole shareholder and director (however, a director nominee is present, but has zero power until the real director proves incapable of getting into the contract). Also, there can be no opportunity for contributing to employee stock options or equity funding. When it comes to scripts, we write happy endings. When it comes to business, we script happy starting.


A company, not a company.

  • No Minimum Capital

There is No minimum capital is required to form a One Person Company. It can be registered even with Rs. 10,000 as total Authorized Share capital.

  • Separate Legal Entity

An OPC enjoys the benefit of Separate Legal Identity which clearly states that assets and liabilities of the business are not the assets and liabilities of the Directors or shareholders.

  • Limited Liability

A shareholder or the owner of a Company has a limited liability towards the company. His/her liability is limited up to the shares subscribed by him/her.

  • Minimum compliances

For the purpose of Annual filing and other compliances, One Person Company is treated as a Private Limited Company. However, it is exempted from many compliances. It does not have to hold AGM every year.

  • Builds Credibility

All the information relating to the one person company are made available in a public database. This feature makes it easy to authenticate the existence of the business that ultimately helps in improving business credibility.

  • Perpetual succession

The company keeps on existing in the eyes of law even in the case of death, insolvency, the bankruptcy of any of its member or shareholder. It continues as a legal person until it is legally dissolved.


A few single steps.

  • Complete our OPC Form

  • Obtain DSC and DIN for Director of OPC

  • Verification and Name Approval of OPC

  • Apply for the COI of OPC

  • Registration of OPC

Documents Required

Different personal documents. One corporate identity.

To Be Given By One Person Company Director

  • Scanned transcript of Passport (Foreign Nationals & NRIs) or PAN Card

  • Scanned transcript of Passport, Voter’s ID or Driver's License

  • Scanned transcript of Current Bank Account Statement/Phone or Mobile Invoice/Electricity or Gas Invoice

  • Scanned passport-sized photo

  • Specimen autograph or impression (blank document with autograph)

Note: The OPC director as a mandate should self-attest the first three documents. If an NRI or a foreign national, all the document sheets should be notarized without fail (if at present in India or a non-Commonwealth nation) or apostilled (that is, living in a Commonwealth country).


Documents Necessary for the Registered Office

  • Scanned transcript of Current Bank Account Statement/Phone or Mobile Invoice/Gas or Electricity Invoice)

  • Scanned transcript of Rental Agreement written in the English language

  • Scanned transcript of N-O or No-objection Certificate from the concerned property landowner

  • Scanned transcript of Property or Sale Deed printed in English (if the property is owned)

Note: Your office space which is registered needs to be a commercial area; however, it can be your house of residence as well.

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One Person Company Registration | OPC Registration Process | OPC Company Registration 2023 in Hindi
One Person Company Registration | OPC Registration Process | OPC Company Registration 2023

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