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Employer-Employee Communication

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Employer is a person, who is contractually bound to a worker. Working under his supervision called employee to give that worker money, salary or wage in exchange for ongoing work. And for which the employer directs the worker and exercises fundamental control over the operations allotted to that worker.

An employer can be anybody for example an organisation, institution, Government entity, small business, or professional service firm. A non profit association or individual who employees or put to work a person who is called an employee or a staff member.

Employee contract is one such written document that specifies the condition of the relationship between an employer and an employee. That defines rights and responsibilities between the two. Generally made for management or senior level employees. Who are involved in strategy designing and have access to sensitive information of the organisation or a work process. Employment contract also includes working condition, pay, increment, leave policy, termination policy etc.

Both the parties have set of responsibilities to be performed towards each other for harmonious industrial relationship.

  1. Employer:- As per the law they are responsible for health, safety and welfare of employees. By providing them a conducive working environment. Along with the required training and equipments with unambiguous job role.
  2. Employee:- They must do, whatever is reasonably practicable to achieve the task, goal or target given by the employer without any undue or unfair requirement with honesty. And integrity towards their job role and organisation.

Purpose of employment contract

The ultimate purpose of this contract is to ensure both employer and employee to have a clear understanding of what is expected from each other during the term of employment. The contract can also serve as a torch light to eliminate the dark side in the form of an industrial dispute, which may arise at a later stage. It also helps you to understand what are your rights and responsibilities. As a common employee or labour working to serve the organisation as per law. Both employer and employee are bound to the employment contract until such time that it ends due to notice served to each other or a change in the terms of the contract is made by either party.

Revocation act

Revocation is the act of recall or annulment of a right a process or a thing given to someone. It is cancelling of an act. The recalling of a grant or privilege or making void some deed, contract or agreement previously existing. A temporary revocation of grant or privilege is called as suspension. In the law of contract revocation is a type of remedy for buyers. When the buyers accept  a non confirming goods from the seller.

Hence, there are many forms of revocations which are typically done as either a punishment or to prevent abuse of a privilege or a right. 

A certificate of revocation is a list of revoke certificate. That is used to determine if the current certificate is still trusted. If the certificate of website that you tried to visit appears on the CRL list then it means, it has been revoke. And the issuer no longer trusts the particular website or any of its content.

As per criminal law a revocation hearing is a kind of court hearing before a judge. The judge decides whether to revoke your probation. Or your pay roll applied for the purpose of getting a bail. If you are revoked you may have to face a serious legal implication and sometimes imprisonment also.

An offer may be revoked. When at any time before the communication of its acceptance is complete. As against the proposer who has proposed an offer following are the various methods through which an offer can be revoked:

  • Communication to the offered.
  • Publication of revocation.
  • Harmful reliance.
  • Option of revocation.
  • Performance partial unilateral contracts.