DPDP Compliances

Comply with Digital Personal Data Protection regulations

  • Collect and track personal data of users as per the provisions of DPDP act

The DPDP regulations applies to the processing of digital personal data within India where such data is collected online, or collected offline and is digitized. It will also apply to such processing outside India, if it is for offering goods or services in India. Data fiduciaries are obligated to maintain the accuracy of data, keep data secure, and delete data once its purpose has been met.

Who should comply with DPDP regulations?

An insight if you have to comply with the DPDP regulations

  • If you process digital personal data within India.
  • If you collect online data of users.
  • If you collect data offline and digitised it.
  • If your company is collecting the personal data.
  • If you process data outside India but offering goods & services in India.

Penalties under DPDP violation

Comply with the DPDP. Business lawfully. Avoid penalities.

  • In case of Personal data breach: up to 250 crore
  • In cas of failure to notify data breach: up to 250 crore
  • Breach of other obligations: up to 150 crore
  • Breach of duties under section 16: up to Rs. 10,000/-
  • Other data breaches by company: up to Rs. 50 crore

Checklist for DPDP compliance

Keep record of your organisation's data processing flows & it's safety

  • Review data security measures in organisation.
  • Ensure data accuracy, completeness and consistency standard.
  • Ensure mandatory standard for data processing.
  • Implement effecitve grievance redressal mechanisms.
  • Take parental consent while processing child data.
  • Appoint Data protection officer, Data auditor.
  • Uphold & honour the consumer data privacy rights.
  • Update data management strategy and processes.

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