CCPA Compliances

Comply with California Consumer Protection Act

  • Collect and track personal information related with household as per CCPA regulations

California Consumer Protection Act, Popularly known as "CCPA" created new rules about how certain companies must handle California residents’ data. CCPA applies to companies, organizations or businesses that are “for-profit”, serving and processing data of residents of California and conducts business in California. These organizations, or businesses are mandated to comply with CCPA regulations.

Who should comply with CCPA regulations?

A closer look if you have to comply with the CCPA regulations

  • If your company is processing personal data of California residents.
  • If you are offering goods & services to the California residents.
  • If your company is collecting the personal data of California residents.
  • If your company is monitoring web behaviour of California residents.
  • If you are tracking IP Addresses of visitors to your website from California.
  • If you are working with the users of California residents through your Website or App.

Penalties under CCPA violation

Comply with the CCPA. Business lawfully. Avoid penalities.

  • May get Legal Notice from the Attorney General.
  • Civil penalty of up to $2,500 per unintentional violation.
  • Penalty upto $7,500 fine in case of intentional violations.
  • Consumer's private lawsuit against you upto $750 damages.  

Checklist for CCPA compliance

Keep record of your organisation's data processing flows

  • Refresh or update privacy notices and policies. 
  • Conduct Internal data assessment in company.
  • Provide consumer notice to users for data collection.
  • Create a personal information inventory of users.
  • Take operational & technical security measures.
  • Uphold & honour the consumer data privacy rights.
  • Ensure the transparency in data processing & collection.
  • Provide compliance training to the employees.
  • Update third-party processor agreements. 
  • Update data management strategy and processes.

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