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List Of Documents Required

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  • Details of the Concerned Parties
  • Supportive Documents (If, any)
  • Stamp Paper with correct value of Stamp duty

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A software license agreement is the legal contract between the licenser/author and the licensee/purchaser of as piece of software. Which establishes a purchaser’s right. A software license agreement details how and when the software can be used and provides restrictions that are imposed on operations of particular software.

It is kind of document that provides legally binding guidelines for the use and distribution of software. Software license typically provides end user with the right to make one or more copies of the software without violating the copyright regulations.

The most common type of licensing agreement includes technology (patent) trade mark merchandise, copyright and trade secrets (know hows). Sometimes, these agreement include more than one intellectual properties.

A software as a service agreement or a cloud service agreement is a licensing agreement that grants a subscriber the right to access and use hosted service of a particular software producer.

It differs from a software license agreement in the manner that it gives the licensee the right to copy the license software.

Software Contracts

Such Software Contracts refer to the computer programs. There are various activities revolving around a computer program, for e.g. like developing/writing the program, marketing that particular program, issuing license to use such programs etc. What we call software comprises of programs, which are in simple words, directions issued to the computer (hardware) to function in a particular manner. Depending upon the functions we can broadly classify software into 2 broad heads namely applications software and operating systems.

Sometime back, the difference between the software and the hardware agreement was not so prominent. But these days, the time has changed and it is necessary that software and hardware agreements should have specific tailor made clauses insulted in the agreements. Previously, most of the computer manufacturer were bundling the software along with the hardware but in the current era this is not the practice at large.

Software is an intangible property which is licensed to the other party. The person who develops the software must be protected under the software license agreement. These contracts grant non exclusive and non transferable license to run the software for a single computer at a time. The licensee has the limited right to use the software making it prohibitory to copy or misuse the software.