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List Of Documents Required

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Basically a good notice is always to the point and leaves no scope for enquiries or confusion without compromising on the word limit which should not exceed 50 words. The language of notice should always be formal. A formal notice should contain following necessary constituents:-

  1. Name of the issuing agency
  2. Subject and date of issue/release of notice
  3. Event
  4. Date/time/duration
  5. Place/venue
  6. Authorized signatory
  7. Standard information to be conveyed

Always enclose a notice with a cover draw neat lines with a sharp pencil and keep it precise and relevant without any ambiguity or confusion.

A notice is the legal concept describing a requirement that a party be aware of legal process affecting their rights, obligation or duties. A common law, notice is the fundamental principal in service of process. The service puts the defendant on notice of the allegations contained within the complaint or other such pleadings. Since notice is fundamental a court may rule the pleading defective if it has not put a defendant on notice.

Jurisdiction service

In many jurisdiction service of summons can be made on the person of suitable age and at the residence or place of business of the defendant. Jurisdictions over corporations can offer be obtained through a Government body authorize to receive such process. Which includes that the accused knowingly have acted in violation. When a party is put a notice that they are in violation and continued their action in violation may be sufficient to evidence knowledge.

Types of notices:-

  1. Judicial notice
  2. Constructive notice
  3. Notice of proposed rulemaking (Administrative Law)
  4. Funding opportunity announcement Notice 
  5. Previous notice (parliamentary procedure)
  6. Public notice
  7. Resignation notice
  8. Actual notice.

It is a legal notice sent especially an advocate, it will have its own meaning. If a legal notice is rejected by any person in legal terms it means that the person has received such notice. Damages could be done with these presumptions, therefore, rejecting or no accepting a legal notice is not a wise step to follow as it has a legal obligation with connected with it.

A legal notice is important because in most of the cases the actual issuer or disputes gets resolved by merely serving of a notice. A person with his grievances narrates his issue to an Advocate. Which ultimately depends on the drafting skills of an Advocate the way a notice is drafted and presented is an art to win initial stage of a legal dispute. The legal notice serve should present the core issues of the disputes in a presentable manner for the receiver.

Basic Purpose to send a Legal Notice

Basic purpose of sending a legal notice is to remind the receiver about his acts of misconduct, or damage caused to the sender of the notice, which knowingly or unknowingly have created a problem for a person who is the client of an Advocate.

The law relating to notice is adjective law and so to be followed rigidly. A notice failing to satisfy the requirements of a statute is fatal to the suit. A notice may be an actual notice, constructive notice or a notice to the agent.

Notice is an announcement of intimation or caution. An actual notice to be valid must be clear and certain so as to bind the party who gives it and to enable the opposite party to act upon it and the information given by a person interested in the matter, in respect of which the notice is issued, must be definite. Registration, possession and notice to agent as notice to principal are cases of constructive notices.

Special statues

Special statues require specific grounds to be mentioned in the notice. They must be incorporated in the notices. Different statutes requires different information to be delivered via notice to the other party. A notice is also an Endeavour to minimize the litigation because the notice communicates the other party to act upon something.