Take mature decision. Compromise.

  • A lean compromise is better than a fat lawsuit. A win-win for all. Yes to progress, no to litigation. No compromise with security, privacy and quality and even with self esteem. Offer, negotiate, accept, eSign and implement. Write the compromise document. Now


Write the compromise document , Now.​


Simple Compromise


During the Court case


Between Debtor and Creditor

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List Of Documents Required

  • Particulars of the Compromise
  • Identity Proof of the Parties
  • Passport size photo of Parties
  • PAN Card of the Parties
  • Stamp/e-Stamp paper with correct value of Stamp duty
  • Supportive Documents (If, any)
  • Original Documents with one set of Xerox Copies

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The definition of a compromise is, when two sides gives up some demand, to meet somewhere in the middle at an amicable solution to the dispute mutually agreed to except less then you want or are aiming for especially in order to reach in agreement.

Compromise is important in a relationship essentially, because it allows you and your partner to balance each other needs and preferences by considering both of yours position. Which leads to understanding and also harmonizing family or professional life by mutually accepting an amicable solution to the dispute. 

A compromise is an agreement that involves mutual concession, though a compromise is never as good as concusses but it is generally better than nothing. And often achievable when a concusses is not there and when it is trying to make it as good as possible in each of the three ways is always worthwhile.

Both are different all together in their meaning and execution, negotiation is when each person gets something in exchange for giving something to their partners wants or needs. In compromise neither party actually gets what they want to get as per their desire. Negotiated solutions works much better then compromise on a lot of levels.