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National Workshop: Drafting, Career Opportunities, and Corporate Law in the Age of Technology

  • One-of-a-kind workshop that brings together aspiring law students and legal professionals to explore three crucial subjects – Drafting Skills, Career Opportunities in the age of Technology, and Corporate Law. This event is designed to empower participants with essential knowledge and insights that are vital for a successful legal career in today's tech-driven world.


  1. Drafting Skills with LegalTech and AI: Enhancing Your Legal Craftsmanship In this segment. Whether you aspire to be a contract expert, or a skilled pleader, this session will equip you with the art of precision and clarity.

  2. Career Opportunities in the Age of Technology Our expert panel will shed light on the diverse roles in the legal tech industry, legal analytics, and digital legal research. 

  3. New Avenues in Corporate Law: Navigating the Legal Landscape Corporate Law is a dynamic domain with multifaceted challenges. This session will empower you to navigate the corporate legal landscape with confidence.


The Schedule of the Event

5.30-5.40pm : Introduction and Welcome
5.40-6.00pm : Drafting Skills with Tech
6.00-6.20pm : Career Opportunities in the Age of Technology
6.20-6.40pm : New Avenues in Corporate Law
6.40-6.50pm : Note of Thanks
6.50-7.00pm : High Tea with Questions and Answers Session


  • Invitations by Registrations only. Secure your spot now by registering online. Limited seats are available. Scroll down for the link.

Who should attend?

Free LawDocs subscription of 2 years for the best 20 entries. Law students, young lawyers, legal professionals, and anyone interested in legal drafting, career opportunities in the age of technology, and corporate law are encouraged to attend. Whether you are just starting your legal journey or seeking to enhance your existing skills, this workshop offers valuable insights and practical guidance.

About LawDocs

LawDocs is a leading platform dedicated to empowering legal professionals with knowledge and skills. We offer comprehensive online courses, workshops, and resources to enhance legal proficiency, foster career growth, and adapt to the changing legal landscape.

Join us at the LawDocs Workshop and unlock your potential in the world of legal drafting, technology-driven careers, and corporate law. Expand your network, gain valuable insights, and take a step towards a successful legal career.


  • Internship Opportunities in large numbers at LawDocs and its Partner Organizations and with connected Lawyers.
  • Complementary LawDocs Membership for 1 year.
  • Access to legal drafts.
  • Paid Paralegal Work.
  • Discounts on Legal Training Courses
  • Networking Opportunities.



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Event Details

Date: 28th July, 2023

Time: 5.30 PM - 7:00 PM

Venue: Jaipur, India

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