Company Annual Filings

Take care, it’s an annual affair.

  • Comply the annual filing with convenience.

You will be surprised that legal formalities were so simple. It is the main compliance as per the companies Act,2013 where each company needs to comply with the same with ROC. This has to be done every year mandatorily otherwise one has to be bear with big penalty. The law say that each company needs to file their financials i.e Balance sheet and profit and loss account along with a variety of reports like Audit report ,boards report so on. with in 30 days of the AGM. A company needs to file the annual return containing various information like details of the company, shareholders details etc .with in 60 days of the AGM


Multiple gains.

  • Improve operational performance

  • Higher employee retention

  • Better information governance

  • Foster best practice

  • Attract Investors

  • Raising Company’s Credibility

  • Maintain Active Status and avoid penalties



Its online and we will make it in line.

  • Submit all the Documents

  • Preparing Annual E-filing

  • File Annual filing e-forms with MCA

  • Your work is completed


Documents Required

The books of accounts and company documents.

  • Incorporation Document

  • Audited Financial Statements

  • Audit Report & Board Report

  • DSC of Director


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