Design Registration

Protect your industrial design.

  • Respect of your innovation. Protection of your design.

A brief . . . Design registration is a very power full tool for protection of an artistic or attractive looks of your product. It is the only feature of your product which may compel a consumer to buy your product among other brands of the same product. It protects ornamental or aesthetic feature of a product. No one can use or copy of your design without your permission. With the help of this registration you may lead the market. A real protection to the industry.


Collective interests. Protective rights.

  • Exclusive rights on the industrial design application in India.

  • Can sue for infringement, if required.

  • The industrial design becomes an intellectual property and can also be sold by the proprietor like any other Intellectual Property Right.

  • Protection for a period of 20 years in India

  • The popularity of the industrial design is helpful in the goodwill of the business entity.



Filing. Examination. Registration.

  • Filing online application

  • Examination of your application by examiner

  • Filing response to the examination report

  • Registered and published in journal or refused


Documents Required

Just to prove.

  • Application form (enclosed)

  • Power of authorization (enclosed on 100 rs stamp paper)

  • MOU between service provider and Applicant

  • Detailed Description of the invention

  • Photographs of the product at different views ( Front, Back, upper, down, Left, Right, )

  • KYC of the applicant


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Industrial Design | Design in IPR | Intellectual Property Right | Design Act 2000 | by LawDocs
Industrial Design | Design in IPR | Intellectual Property Right | Design Act 2000 | by LawDocs

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