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Why written Legal advice

It is always good to have opinion from more than one person.
Even the experts are subject to error. A wrong advice can lead to losses
Detailed opinion which deals with all the aspects of the issue.
Not a personal opinion but an opinion based on law.
The provisions of law and judgments of the Supreme Court are mentioned in support of the opinion.

We always start the work with a deadline.

  • Timely legal opinion
  • Detailed opinion relying on judgments of the Hon’ble Supreme Court.
  • Legal provisions are mentioned in support of advice.
  • Legal research by LawDocs experts
  • Answers of your questions in writing

Process driven by technology. Faster. Convenient. Accurate.

How you get Legal Opinion


  • Tell us about you and explain your legal issue in brief.
  • Upload relevant documents.
  • Make your payment online.
  • Get the detailed written in legal notice.
  • Get clarifications, understand the opinion properly, on phone.

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    • Fees Details Time of Service

      Rs. 5,000/- (inclusive of taxes)

      a detailed written legal opinion with current position of law

      around 3 working days

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The average time taken from us to reply is 5 mins to 24 business hours.

The average time taken from us to reply is 5 mins to 24 business hours.